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Losing your case may result in prison or jail time, loss of your job, loss of all your assets or loss of your driver’s license. When charged with a state or federal criminal offense or facing civil litigation, we understand how important winning your case is. The partners at DeToto, Van Buren & Brown have successfully handled thousands of cases from misdemeanors to capital murder. We have the knowledge, experience and reputation to win your case.

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Our firm offers the experience, skills and intelligent strategies you need to help you get the best possible outcome in your case. Whether you have been charged with DWI for the first time, are facing a serious felony or federal investigation or have been confronted by another legal challenge, we’re here for you.

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Attorney Richard DeToto is a former prosecutor for Harris County and has more than 10 years of criminal defense experience. Attorney William Van Buren has provided effective criminal defense representation for over 12 years. Together, we work to provide clients with strategic and aggressive advocacy necessary to defeat charges and reduce penalties arising from a criminal allegation.

We’re not your typical criminal defense law firm. Prosecutors, judges and satisfied clients recognize DeToto, Van Buren & Brown as a highly respected criminal law firm with a focus on justice for our clients. We are experienced in the defense of crimes involving:

Federal Charges ▪ DWI ▪ Drug Possession & Drug Trafficking ▪ Sex Crimes

Contact us immediately to set up a consultation with our lawyers so we can discuss the facts of your case. By working together, we make sure you receive strong, aggressive representation every step of the way. Are you willing to accept anything less right now?

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— Richard DeToto

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