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Richard Gregory DeToto

Richard DeToto - Houston Criminal LawyerRick DeToto has over 14 years of criminal law practice as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer in Houston, throughout the state of Texas and the nation. Rick played baseball at the University of Alabama and was the starting pitcher in the 1995 S.E.C. Championship against L.S.U. Rick graduated from Alabama on the S.E.C. Honor Roll. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Criminal Justice, Rick received his Juris Doctorate from the St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida.

Former District Attorney

He began his legal career as a Harris County District Attorney. Rick was a chief prosecutor in two misdemeanor courts and prosecuted felonies in the 209th District Court. During his time as a prosecutor, Rick went on numerous ride-alongs with members of the Houston Police Department DWI task Force. Further, Rick attended many training programs regarding the field sobriety tests and the Intoxilyzer 5000 offered by the DWI Task Force.

Defending the Accused

After leaving the district attorney’s office, Rick went to work for a nationally recognized DWI defense firm. During this time Rick was published in the Voice for the Defense for an article regarding DWI enhancements. Establishing his own firm in 2002, Rick began representing clients in Texas and numerous states across the nation. Throughout the years, Rick has handled numerous high profile cases. These have included: a client accused of setting fire to Andrew Fastow’s mansion during the Enron scandal; the Chew Park Murder case where a young lady was charged in the murder of an MS-13 gang member; a client accused of being the leader of the largest dog fighting ring in the United States, a police officer accused of public lewdness, a client accused of killing an on duty Houston Police Officer while intoxicated, a former Marine and Afghanistan war veteran accused of kidnapping a baby,  a police officer accused of lying on his overtime sheets and a chef working at a local country club who was charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Experience that Counts

Richard DeToto - Houston Criminal Lawyer Rick has also appeared in the media on numerous news programs to provide legal commentary and analysis. He has appeared on every local network and is a frequent legal commentator for Fox 26. His representation of clients has been featured in Texas Monthly magazine and Rick appeared on the Dr. Phil show with a client accused of fighting dogs. Lately, he has become a legal analyst for a variety of topics for Fox News Radio. During his radio analysis, Rick can be heard on hundreds of stations all over the nation. Having tried over 100 cases to a jury from simple misdemeanors to capital murder, Rick’s experience can be a great benefit to a client facing criminal prosecution. “I think what separates us from most law firms is that we go to trial often. We do not hesitate to try complex or difficult cases to get the best possible outcome for our clients.



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