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William H. Van Buren

William Van Buren - Houston Criminal Attorney
William Van Buren began building his law practice in 1997.  Immediately upon graduation from South Texas College of Law and receiving his Texas State Bar license, he struck out on his own.

 “I have always believed in our Constitution.  The rights granted to us, as citizens, are sacred.  Through my practice, I pride myself in protecting those rights on behalf of my clients.”

A Leader in the Community

A father of four, William leads by example.  Honesty, integrity, hard work, and communication are the keys to a successful practice.  He carries an impeccable reputation in the legal community.

“I understand when I am hired, that my client’s life is at stake.  That may come in different forms.   It may be their liberty or ramifications on their family, employment, reputation or other potential consequences.  I treat their decision to have me represent them with the utmost seriousness and dedication to resolve the issues at hand.”

William believes working directly with his clients is the key.  There is no “middle man” communication.  His clients may call him directly at all times.

An Experienced Texas Lawyer

William has handled State and Federal cases throughout Texas and many parts of the United States.  He has tried cases ranging from trespass through capital murder, never shying away from difficult fact or legal scenarios.  Many of these cases have been profiled in the news.  William is eager to defend the most challenging criminal charges.

“It’s never about me.  It’s never, ‘what can this case do for me?’  It’s always about my clients.  ‘What do I need to do to help my client and his situation?’”

If you are looking for honest, aggressive representation from a lawyer you can communicate with, contact William any time of the day or night.  As always, consultations are free.

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