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Controlled Substances

Houston, Texas Controlled Substances Defense Attorney

The term “controlled substances” describes both illegal drugs, narcotics, as well as some over the counter drugs that contain codeine or amphetamines. Individuals who are charged with crimes involving controlled substances run the gamut from street dealers to professionals with a prescription drug addiction. It is important to know your options and your rights when faced with the serious consequences of a controlled substance drug charge.

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At DeToto, Van Buren & Brown, our attorneys have significant experience in a range of illegal drug and prescription drug cases. Whether you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance or facing more serious charges involving trafficking or importation, we work aggressively to defeat the allegations against you. We closely examine the facts of your case, including:

  • What quantity of the drug was in your possession?
  • Was the alleged substance tested to determine that it was the drug it was said to be?
  • Did law enforcement officials violate your Fourth Amendment rights?
  • Was there reasonable suspicion to stop you on the street or search your vehicle?
  • Is there evidence to support the charges against you?

Search and Seizure Laws: Know Your Rights

One of the primary defense tactics in illegal drugs cases is to examine the process of search and seizure, including the actions taken by law enforcement officials. Your Fourth Amendment rights protect you against the unreasonable and unlawful searches and seizures of your property.

Our legal team is experienced in the investigation of criminal allegations involving illegal drugs. We review the evidence, including your testimony and police records to determine if a search was unlawful. In the event of a Constitutional violation, we seek to suppress the evidence against you.

Our firm is experienced in drugs charges involving:

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