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Domestic Violence

Charged With Domestic Violence? We Protect Your Rights.
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Have you been charged with domestic assault or another charge relating to domestic violence? Many men charged with domestic violence are falsely accused or have charges filed that are over and above what the circumstances warrant. Unfortunately, though, once the police have made an arrest, prosecutors may have no choice but to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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At DeToto, Van Buren & Brown, we aggressively pursue every option available to help men protect their future from a domestic assault charge. As a former prosecutor, attorney Richard DeToto understands how the prosecution establishes its case. Our defense lawyers have the skills and experience to look beneath the surface of the allegations.

Many men who have been wrongly accused of domestic assault often think that they can get the charges dropped for lack of evidence. It doesn’t work that way. Once you are charged, it can be a real challenge to establish reasonable doubt about the prosecution’s case. It’s best to know that upfront, so you can work with your lawyer to contest the charges vigorously.

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We look at the intent of the 911 call and what hidden purpose the victim may have for placing the call. Through it all, we stand by you, fighting to protect your rights and helping you get the best possible outcome for your charges.

“Even if your spouse wants to drop the matter, the prosecutor will still often press charges. Any type of plea agreement you accept with the DA will result in the loss of your rights. If you are charged again in the future, it will be a felony.” – Richard DeToto

Contact us as soon as possible after you have been charged, or think you may be charged. We know what’s at stake and we provide the honest, straight and aggressive representation you need.

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