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Drug Charges

Houston Federal Drug Crimes Defenses Lawyer

Facing federal charges for drug trafficking or related offenses is unlike any other criminal charge. Your attorney will need experience with federal cases. Federal prosecutors try to stay ahead of the game and often spend months gathering evidence and preparing their case. They may have gathered evidence for the grand jury, before you even know you are under investigation.

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The attorneys of DeToto, Van Buren & Brown have the experience and skills you need when you are facing a federal drug charge. Our team has more than 20 combined years of criminal law experience. We provide aggressive, knowledgeable and effective defense to people charged with federal narcotics crimes and related offenses:

“The key to the successful defense of a drug offense charge is conducting your own full investigation rather than relying on the findings of the prosecuting agency. Aggressive action from the beginning is essential.” — Willam H. Van Buren

What Makes a Federal Drug Charge Different?

One thing that makes federal cases different is the sentencing guidelines that apply. Your attorney will need extensive knowledge of the possible penalties for the various charges that may be brought. Preparing an effective defense means taking your case beyond the facts. We look at the nature of the investigation, the basis for making the arrest, search and seizure laws and every other aspect.

“Federal prosecutors have the resources of the United States government behind them. As your attorneys, we use every available legal means to fight for your future and freedom.” – William H. Van Buren

Successful Record

Our firm has a record of success helping people get the best possible outcome on their federal drug charges. We work aggressively to protect your rights and make sure every possible option is presented to the federal prosecutor. We have earned respect among federal prosecutors and judges for our integrity and dedication to our clients’ needs.

Contact our offices in Houston, Texas as soon as you think you are under investigation for federal drug charges. We will start protecting you immediately.

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