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Federal Felony Offenses

Charged with a Federal Crime? We Don’t Back Down
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If you have been charged with a federal offense, there is something you should know about U.S. prosecutors: They don’t back down from trying for a conviction. The fact is, prosecutors in the Federal District of South Texas have a high conviction rate in cases they prosecute.

You will need a federal criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights against the full power and resources of the United States government. The criminal defense attorney you hire can make a decisive difference in the outcome of your case.

Aggressive: The Only Effective Strategy for Federal Criminal Defense

DeToto, Van Buren & Brown knows exactly what is at stake in every federal criminal case. We have experience handling the difficulties and complexities of working with U.S. prosecutors and judges.

“We are relentless. Frankly, nothing short of relentless is good enough in federal court. Federal prosecutors keep their jobs by putting people in prison. They don’t back down until they have done everything possible to win their case.” - Richard DeToto

We Have Experience Representing Clients Charged with Federal Criminal Charges Such as:

Federal Charges are Complex — We Stay Focused

Federal agents are good at what they do. They get their facts and evidence in line, sometimes investigating for months before bringing their case before a grand jury.

An effective defense requires focus, experience and an aggressive approach when protecting your rights. By working together, our team makes sure everything possible is done to help you get through this experience intact.

We Represent Clients in Federal Courts Throughout Texas

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