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Federal Weapons Charges and ATF Crimes

We Aggressively Defend Your Gun Rights
Houston Texas Gun Rights Attorney

The U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to keep and bear arms and Supreme Court justices recently upheld that right. Unfortunately, though, federal and state prosecutors often find it far too easy to trump up felony offenses by tacking on guns and weapons charges that ignore your Second Amendment rights.

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If you are facing weapons charges, the attorneys at DeToto, Van Buren & Brown will fight aggressively to protect your gun rights. Attorney Richard DeToto is a former prosecutor for Harris County, where he saw first-hand how the District Attorney will look for every advantage to get a conviction. Adding weapons charges is often their first tactic, as they conveniently forget your legal right to bear arms. Our team has more than twenty combined years of criminal defense experience, including the defense of clients facing serious weapons charges.

We represent people charged with felony and misdemeanor guns and weapons charges in all federal, state and municipal courts throughout South Texas.

Straightforward Advice – Aggressive Action

We promise honest, straight, aggressive representation. We fight aggressively to protect your future. We have earned a reputation among prosecutors and judges for our dedication to our clients. However, we will also be brutally honest with you about your case. You can trust an honest, frank assessment and we work aggressively towards an optimal outcome in your case.

If the evidence is stacked against you, we will take your defense beyond the facts, to fight for the outcome that is best for you and your family. Justice should be about the legal process; it should be about getting the right result for you.

Contact our gun rights and criminal defense lawyers in Houston, Texas, to discuss your arrest and learn more about our legal approach. All lawyers talk. We act.

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