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Illegal Search and Seizure

Illegal Search and Seizure in Houston, Texas

Texas is notorious for having one of the harshest law enforcement and penal systems in the nation. Prosecutors work hard, and law enforcement officials work harder to pursue individuals suspected of illegal activity. Unfortunately, the justice system can run amok in seeking to arrest and prosecute. Sometimes this can result in an illegal search and seizure.

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At DeToto, Van Buren & Brown, we have extensive experience in the investigation of cases involving illegal search and seizure of property. Search and seizure could involve a drug crime, internet crime, or a federal white collar crime. Anytime police officers search your person, car, home, office or property, they must follow strict protocol to ensure compliance with your Fourth Amendment Constitutional Rights.

Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Law

The Constitution protects individuals from illegal government search and seizure. In the event that law enforcement officers have violated your rights during a search and seizure of your property, an experienced attorney can seek to have that particular evidence suppressed in your case. Often times, this will result in a complete dismissal because the prosecution will lack sufficient evidence. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of search and seizure law and can initiate an immediate investigation in your case.

Examples of illegal search and seizure include:

  • Failure to obtain warrant before searching a home or office
  • Taking search beyond the limits of a specified warrant
  • Pulling you over or stopping you on the street without reasonable suspicion
  • Pursuing a search without valid consent
  • When stop and search or target of investigation arises from racial profiling
  • Mandatory drug testing without probable cause

Violation of your privacy rights through improper search and seizure

Our attorneys always provide a straightforward assessment of your case. You can trust that we give honest, reliable feedback so that you know your rights, options and the potential outcomes in your case. When you are faced with the Texas legal and penal system, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who knows the federal and state jurisprudence interpreting when an illegal search and seizure has occurred and how to protect your rights.

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