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Narcotics and Drug Trafficking

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Texas has some of the most strict drug laws in the United States. Since it is a border state, law enforcement is aggressive in attacking cross-border drug trade. All across the state however, the government is determined to convict those suspected of narcotics and drug trafficking.

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At DeToto, Van Buren & Brown, we offer straight-talking legal defense to people charged with drug trafficking. The charges against you are serious, and the prosecution is intent on convicting you. We are serious too. We will use every available legal strategy to make sure your case will be handled fairly.

Drug Trafficking Charges in Texas

The potential penalties for drug trafficking in Texas vary depending on the type and quantity of drug involved. The quantity of illegal drug will determine whether the charge is drug sales, distribution, or trafficking. Penalties increase for each subsequent conviction.

Law enforcement is highly trained in tracking drug movement throughout the state. Our interstate highways are specially targeted, as traffic from Mexico enters the United States and disperses.

We defend clients in cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines (meth), heroin, and other illegal drugs.

Even a small-scale drug trafficking case can result in severe penalties that include thousands of dollars in fines and significant prison time. The truth is, if you have been arrested, you are facing grave risks. Our firm’s attorneys are highly experienced in handling complex drug crime cases that involve selling or dealing drugs. We offer straight-talking, aggressive defense. While the prosecution is building its case against you, we will aggressively assert your rights.

Contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Let us help you minimize the impact of a drug crime on your life.

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