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Online Solicitation of a Minor

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Online solicitation of a minor is a serious charge. As Internet sex crimes continue to increase, the government is responding by aggressively pursuing those using the Internet to make inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

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At DeToto, Van Buren & Brown, we are committed to seeking the truth in an Internet sex crimes case. We ask important questions like, “was the defendant lured by the police in a chat room?” and “did the defendant make actual contact with the minor, or did he or she simply engage in an explicit online conversation?”

Online Solicitation of a Minor

According to the Texas Penal Code 33.021, Online Solicitation of a Minor involves an adult age 17 or older making sexually explicit contact with a minor age 17 or younger on the Internet (by email, instant messaging, chat room, etc.) The contact can include communicating in a sexually explicit way with a minor, distributing sexually explicit materials to a minor, or soliciting a minor to meet in person with the intent of making sexual contact.

It doesn’t matter if the meeting never occurred. It doesn’t matter if the solicitor did not intend for the meeting to happen. It doesn’t matter if the solicitor was simply acting out an online fantasy. These charges are real, and they can come when you least expect it.

We also defend people charged with sexual assault, rape, and other sex crimes.

Possible Defenses

Our firm’s attorneys consider many factors when building a defense in an Internet sex crimes case:

  • Was the solicitor above the age of 17, but no more than three years older than the minor? Did the minor consent to the activity?
  • Did the police target the defendant in an Internet chat room?
  • What evidence was used to make the arrest? Did the police collect information illegally?

If convicted, a defendant faces penalties that will change his or her life: mandatory registration as a sex offender and prison time. If you are facing charges of Internet solicitation, don’t be passive. The prosecution has already begun to build its case against you. Fight back and seek the help of an experienced defense lawyer who will do everything possible to defend your rights and your freedom.

Contact us as soon as possible. Time is not on your side.

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